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Downingtown Cyber Academy

Welcome to DCA where we value student learning and academic growth.

While we offer flexibility in our program, students need to stay on pace in their classes and complete their work by Sunday of each week. Students should attend live Zoom instruction with their teachers and complete the asynchronous course work to be successful. 

DCA Attendance Procedures

DCA Student Zoom Schedules 2023-2024

Zooms are required for middle school students and are optional for high school students.

Personalized Learning Plan

At the Downingtown Cyber Academy, we do not believe that one-size-fits-all. We offer Personalized Learning Plan Agreements (PLPA) for students regarding synchronous learning (Zooms).Zooms are optional for all high school students, but they are highly encouraged to attend whenever possible. Zooms are required for all middle school students unless the parents have signed a Personalized Learning Plan Agreement. 

6th to 8th grade families can decide between the following:

  • No PLPA (default option): Zoom meetings are required, and students must attend. The teacher/s will take daily attendance.
  • PLPA (requires approval): Zoom meetings are optional. Students are not required to attend as long as they maintain good standing in all classes and complete their work each week. 

Families must have a valid reason for requesting a PLPA. These reasons could include, but are not limited to:

  • Part-time students who have a brick-and-mortar class scheduled at the same time as their DCA Zoom.
  • Part-time or full-time students who have internships or who are in work/study programs.
  • Athletes who have intensive training during school hours.
  • Full-time students in different time zones.

All Zoom meetings will be recorded and must be watched if they are not attended. Families who wish to apply for a PLPA should email

Educational & Family Trips

Persons in parental relation may request that their child be excused from school attendance to participate in an educational trip not sponsored by the school district. Since regular class attendance is a critical component of a student’s education program, the educational benefits of the trip should outweigh the negative impact of the disruption of the student’s educational program. 

Board Policy 204-AG-10 Absence for Non-school sponsored Educational Trips

204-AG-11 Educational and/or Family Request Form